About us

Maria D´Assunção Costa, lead partner of ASSUNÇÃO CONSULTORIA, is a lawyer graduated by Universidade de São Paulo, has a master’s degree in State Law by PUC– São Paulo, as well as a doctor´s degree and a post-doctorate in Energy by the Instituto de Eletrotécnica e Energia da Universidade de São Paulo – IEE/USP.

She has extensive knowledge and experience with public and private contracts, working as a professional in the infrastructure sector since 1986.   In this period, she held numerous positions in the public and private sectors, which enabled her to acquire unique expertise in this important economic segment, where she stands out with notorious specialization in matters of the energy sector and extrajudicial resolution of conflicts.

Maria D´Assunção Costa is a founding member of the Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos do Direito da Energia – IBDE – www.ibdenergia.org.br. She was President of IBDE from 2003 to 2011 and, for several years, has been the Coordinator of its Extension Course in Energy Law.  In addition, she integrates the list of arbitrators of the most renowned arbitration chambers in Brazil.